Emergency Care

While most dental and orthodontic problems and emergencies can often be treated at home, if you do have an urgent situation that requires the help of Dr. Pattison and the staff, please call us as soon as possible. We always strive to accommodate any emergency care that our patients might need. If you do not believe that your problem needs immediate assistance, we have provided some quick tips and steps to help alleviate some of the recurring problems that you might experience while in braces.

Sore Teeth

It is very common that your gums or teeth will become sore within the first hours after an appointment. To help alleviate some of the pain, you can take acetaminophen or other over-the-counter, non-aspirin pain relievers while the pain subsides. Also, other treatments, such as swishing warm salt water or a heating pad, can also help relieve some of the soreness in your mouth and jaw.

Wire Irritation

The nature of having braces in a patient’s mouth often causes some soreness and irritation. This is often caused by an extended archwire that is poking the inside of a patient’s lip. You can manually push the wire back in place with a cotton swab or pencil eraser. If the wire won’t budge, you can also coat the tip of the wire with wax provided by the orthodontics practice. The wire is also malleable, and thus fingernail clippers or scissors can be used to clip the excess wire. Before putting clippers or scissors inside your mouth, make sure you clean them with sterilized alcohol.

Loose Bracket

If the main wire or a bracket comes loose, call our office to see if the bracket needs to be re-fitted. If you have a situation where you must cut the wire or slide a bracket off the wire, you may use fingernail clippers that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol. Please call our office on the next business day to schedule a repair appointment.

It is possible that, during treatment, a main wire or a bracket might come loose. If this happens, you will need to schedule an appointment within a few days of the incident to have the bracket re-fitted.

Lost Separator

If a separator is dislodged, you will need to schedule an appointment to have it replaced.